An Ultra Rare Information Circle.

Ultra Rare CardsEdit

The Ultra Rare cards are the most rare of the lot as there are only 31, and 9 special edition cards.

The cards have various special features, ranging from a stars on the cover to a "Scratch N Sniff" feature.

Original SetEdit

Skeletal Master

The Astronaut


Weeping Angels

Fish Custard

Extreme SetEdit

Eleventh Doctor (6)

The Cult of Skaro


Headless Monks

Time Lord Psychic Container

Ultimate SetEdit

Caretaker Doctor (346)

Eleventh Doctor, Amy and Rory (359)

Eleventh Doctor and River Song (360)

The Master (361)

Max Capricorn (368)

Sycorax Leader (374)

Wooden Queen (376)

Madge Arwell (382)

Rory Williams (386)

Sally Sparrow (398)

Raston Warrior Robot (401)

Cybermats (405)

Beast-Possessed Ood (411)

Adipose Outbreak (415)

Area 52 Silence (429)

Fob Watch (435)

Christmas Gift (437)

Key to Time (440)

Exploding Spaceship (442)

River Captured (461)

River's Last Song (471)

Special Edition (Original)Edit

Exploding TARDIS

Special Edition (Extreme)Edit

Autographed cards.

The Doctor

Amy Pond

Rory Williams

Special Edition (Ultimate)Edit

Flip-Side cards.


Amy/Weeping Angel

Eleventh Doctor/Supreme Dalek

Eleventh Doctor/The Doctor's Ganger

Not Flip-side cards.

Silence will Fall